Atmospheric Ray Campbell Framed Print “Jameson Gold”


Nicely framed print of the atmospheric painting by the renowned UK artist Ray Campbell – Jameson Gold,which also features a bottle of Powers.

Ray Campbell is an artist based in the North East of England. He is a proud Northumbrian, and therefore most of his work is based on the spectacular views to be found in rural and urban Northumberland.

He studied Display and Exhibition Design (BDSO) at Newcastle College of Art  but rather than follow a path as an artist at that time he took up regular employment. Ray was involved with the North East coal industry and some of his mining paintings reflect his experiences within that environment.On retirement Ray began to draw and paint again and decided to pursue his love and passion for watercolours. He was soon recognised as a talented artist by both teachers of art and collectors alike. He has since branched out into oil painting and is producing some truly wonderful paintings.His love and understanding of the North East is evident in his work his subjects ranging from the industrial heartland to the beautiful rural landscapes of Northumberland and beyond.

Origins : Dublin

Dimensions : 68cm x 56cm  4kg






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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 68 × 56 cm