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David Begley Tea,Wine & Spirit Merchant 36 William St Limerick Whiskey Flagon


Yet another outstanding example of a classic stoneware 2 gallon Irish Whiskey Flagon,this time originating from Limerick City.Like the majority of these remarkably robust yet conversely fragile stonewear flagons, this example does have some minor damage and is missing its handle.The manufacturers of the flagon were Grosvenors Ltd Glasgow.

According to our research David Begley was a prominent City councillor and vehement member of the Anti Parnell faction which so fiercely divided local and national politics in Ireland in the late 19th century.Indeed so heated became hostilities that it is reported “prior to the elections of 1892,the residence at 36 William St had its windows broken by Parnellite supporters”>

Sadly we also learn of the birth in September 1890 and seven  months later the death of an infant William Begley at 36 William Street ,the first born of David and Sarah Begley.They would go on to have two more children ,Eileen and Alice.

Later in the 20th century ,William St would become a focal point in hostilities between Free State forces and Republicans during the Irish Civil War which so bitterly divided the country in 1922 -1923.William Street became the front line for free state forces,with republicans continuing to hold most of the city south of this line. .A picture above shows damage sustained by David Begley premises and family home during the fighting.Also we learn that an identical Whiskey Flagon to the beautiful example for sale above  resides at the Limerick City and County Museum ,donated Kindly by Mealy Auctioneers.

Origins : Limerick City

Dimensions :30cm x 20cm x 20cm  7kg


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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm