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Iconic B&W framed photo of Stephen McDonagh of Limerick getting an ash hurley broken across his forearm by an opponent back in 200!As far as we know Stephen,a notoriously tough and durable defender for Limerick during his career, did not even retire injured and probably played away with maybe a squirt of a bottle of water or a rub of the magic sponge !For an excellent  insight into the ancient sport of Hurling and the craft of hurley making, feel free to scroll down and read this article from the Irish Examiner

“Charleville hurley maker Tony McCauliffe lives and breathes GAA. He inherited the North Cork business that makes custom hurleys for some of Munster’s biggest stars from his father, writes Ellie O’Byrne.

When Limerick inter-county hurling star Cian Lynch scored his dramatic point from midfield in Croke Park during last year’s All-Ireland senior hurling championship final, it was a make or break moment for the team, who went on to take their first title in 45 years with a point win over Galway.

It was one of the many outstanding moments that led to Lynch being crowned PwC Hurler of the Year for 2018. During the campaign, he played with one of Tony McCauliffe’s hurleys. Leaning up against a wall in Tony’s workshop in Charleville lies the template for a hurley’s bas (the part of the hurley that makes contact with the sliotar) and neck with Lynch’s name on it. Alongside it lies a broader, heavier-looking bas which is the hurley of Limerick goalie Nickie Quaid. Express surprise that a Cork man would be making hurleys for the Limerick team, and Tony’s smile dispels the notion that the fierce tribalism over county divides that is part and parcel of the GAA would extend to the craftsmen who equip the teams with the tools of their trade.


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