Jack “The Gorgeous Gael” Doyle Display

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Jack “The Gorgeous Gael” Doyle

This extraordinary display cabinet and framed account of the Gorgeous Gaels tumultuous life and times venerates the legend that was the Irish boxer, actor and bon vivant Jack Doyle.The display includes his 8 ounce boxing  gloves that ended up in a pride of place in his home town of Cobh, Co Cork.For further information on this incredibly charismatic Irishman,see the link below to an Irish Times article chronicling his turbulent life and times,which compares him to a modern day or 20th century Conor McGregor.Please email us directly for information about this absolutely unique and once off display piece for your pub or home bar.


“The dappled sunlight spread further across the Tolka Park pitch. A faulty gramophone spat out the tune of Come Back to Erin. A capacity crowd at the old ground on Richmond Road waited in anticipation around a tiny wrestling ring constructed in the middle of the pitch, eager to get a glimpse of the man who had once brought London almost to a standstill by selling out White City and had years before tied the knot with Movita Castaneda, future wife of Marlon Brando.

Seconds later Jack Doyle clambered into the ring. In An Irishman’s Diary in The Irish Times the following week, Quidnunc wrote: “He was robed in a gown that might have been described as off-white, and he acknowledged his receptors a little absently-mindedly, with some of the air of a duchess who wasn’t sure if she had invited quite the right people to tea.”

The once-great heavyweight boxer, soprano and not-so-great actor from Cobh, Co Cork, was well into the downward spiral that would ultimately lead to his death in destitution, a long way from the bright lights of London and New York where he had become one of the most famous celebrities of the age. In a rags-to-riches story, when Doyle climbed into the ring in Tolka Park on June 8th, 1951, for an exhibition wrestling match against Italian-American heavyweight, Tony “Two Ton” Galento, the tale was very much reaching its last chapters and was on its way from riches back to rags.

The story of Joseph Doyle (he would later change his name to Jack) – born in Cobh in 1913 to a family living off penny dinners from the local convent – is remarkable for many reasons. The narrative of coming from nothing into everything, the red carpets, the endless parties, the womanising, the domestic abuse, the stints in prison and, most of all, the drinking sadly

feature in the life stories of many boxers.A still from footage of the wrestling match between Doyle and Galento at Tolka Park. Photograph: British Pathé

Jack Doyle: A 20th-century Conor McGregor whose life spiralled down

Origins: Co Cork

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