Old Guinness Bottle Label in miniature Frame


Old Guinness Bottle label beautifully mounted in a vintage miniature frame.The label originates from a public house named James McGurrans Kinlough Co Leitrim.From online research we have learned that as well as being a publican,Mr McGurran was Chairman of Kinlough Urban District Council from 1902 to 1920.Kinlough is a town in Co Leitrim and although there is no McGurrans pub in the village, the surname is still relatively common in the area.

Guinness labels were first put on bottles in the 1880s.The first recorded pub to be issued official Guinness trademark labels(using the Brian Boru Harp symbol) was Clarkes public house in 1897.The practice of including the publicans name on Guinness labels officially stopped in 1968.From 1910 Guinness had characteristic date codes.read in pairs from right to left, gives the day, month and year of bottling.This practice started in 1910 and ceased inn 1953.there are at least 7 known distinct styles of label design and other especially designed for publicans.Label reams contained approximately 660 labels.Guinness labels were never pre glued.


Origins : Co Leitrim

Dimensions :18cm x 16cm  2kg


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 16 cm