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Rare 1974 Art Deco Guinness Mermaid Advert by Erte

Rare Guinness Art Deco type Mermaid Advert commissioned in 1974 by the company who used the services of the Russian born French artist & designer Romain de Tirtoff ,better known by his pseudonym Erte,from the French pronunciation of his initials.He was an artist and designer in an array of fields including fashion,jewellery,graphic arts, costume and set design for film, theatre,opera and interior decor.Between 1915 and 1937 he designed over 200 covers for Harpers Bazaar and his illustrations would also appear in Cosmopolitan and Vogue.He also designed sets and costumes for movies such as Ben-Hur,The Mystic and The Comedian.Two years before his death ,Erte created seven limited edition bottle designs for Courvoisier to show the different stages of the cognac making process, from distillation to maturation .It was in 1974 that Guinness launched this “sophisticated Guinness press advertisement”.This original print is an extremely rare one .Please email us directly for more information .

Origins : Dublin

Dimensions : 50cm x 36cm  5kg


Erte designed many covers for magazines of the 20th century

the man himself and a lover of cats

Ruby 1969 Ert? (Romain de Tirtoff) 1892-1990 Presented by Curwen Studio through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P06127

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 36 cm