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The Trout that Jack Charlton caught in Limerick.


The most successful manager in the history of Irish Soccer was a gruff Englishman from Northumberland called Jack Charlton.Under his management,Irish soccer fans went to European Championship  and World Cup Finals for the first time ever and brought a level of excitement and unity to the country never before experienced.Jack enjoyed his free time and more than anything else he loved to fish .It was during a fishing trip to the once angling Mecca of Castleconnell,Co Limerick in May 1990 that Jack reeled in this magnificent trout.He presented the fish to his local guide or gillie,who proceeded to get the fish stuffed and mounted for posterity.This magnificent display item will make for conversation starters in any Irish Pub in the world and is a bone fide piece of Irish Sporting History,such was the level of affection and esteem the Irish Public held Jack Charlton in.The beautifully decorated display cabinet comes with a signed Jack Charlton photograph and photo collage of the greatest moments Irish Soccer enjoyed under his enlightened and very successful management,when they managed to put some of the best teams in the world “under pressure”.

Origins: Co Limerick

Dimensions : 45cm x 90cm x 18cm  20kg



Jack always enjoyed a few pints of the Black Stuff and encouraged his players to do the same, even a few days before big games !

When the Irish soccer team and management met Pope John Paul II in 1990 during the World Cup Finals

Big Jack was an expert angler and even published this definitive guide to coarse water fishing.

Jack Charlton back on the banks of the Shannon at Castleconnell Co Limerick where he caught this magnificent trout.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 45 × 90 × 20 cm