Tuttles’s Horse Elixir Vintage Advertising Poster


Tuttle’s Horse Elixir -A boon for the Horse Owner !

Kilcullen Co Kildare.  62cm x 47cm

Very rare and well framed Tuttle’s Horse Elixir poster. The poster was published by Buck Printing Company located in Boston around 1885. The poster is marked “Tuttle’s Horse Elixir – A Boon to the Horse Owner – Tuttle’s Elixir Has won it’s own merit as a leg and body wash. Accept no substitute as it has no equal… Sold By Druggists”. It also shows an image of a man taking care of a horse.

here was two companies running with similar names Tuttle’s Elexer out of NY and Tuttle’s Elixir Co. out of 19 Beverly St. Boston Mass.

HISTORY OF TUTTLE’S ELEXER: Over a hundred years ago a veterinary surgeon named Dr.S.A. TUTTLE put together natural ingredients in the proper proportion to produce a unique liniment that is just as effective today as it was back in 1872. Dr. Tuttle began with denatured grain alcohol and gum turpentine. These are the solvents that carry the other active ingredients. Two essential oils, camphor and oil
of hemlock, were added for their counterirritant and rubifacient effects. This stimulation of the skin and circulatory system generates natural warmth and delivery of the healing components of the blood.To enhance the effectiveness of these agents, Dr.Tuttle added ox gall, an ingredient with specific types of activity found exclusively in Tuttle’s ELEXER. Ox Gall is a unique ingredient that contains sodium salts of glycocholic and taurocholic acids and lecithin as key components.Glycocholic acid and taurocholic acids are powerful biological detergents that act to solubilize fats, and lecithin is a naturally occurring compound that acts as an emulsifier, stabilizer, antioxidant, lubricant and dispersant. This combination with the alcohol and other ingredients in Tuttle’s ELEXER makes it an excellent emulsifier of oil, grease and dirt for cleansing the affected area, particularly when mixed into a water solution. Tuttle’s ELEXER has been used by horse trainers in the U.S. since 1872. Manufactured from Dr. S.A. Tuttle’s original formula, there is no other preparation like it.



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