The Irish Pub Emporium story

Sadly during the recession years many public houses here in Ireland closed their doors for the last time.

A treasure chest of authentic Irish pub memorabilia, collectables and a kaleidoscope of rare historical items became available,in many cases for the first time, at auction and on the open market.

What initially started out as a hobby has now developed into a business here at the Irish Pub Emporium. But first and foremost we retain a passion for sourcing the best in genuine and original Irish pub antiques.

Our guarantee to you, the buyer, is simple – that virtually every item for sale on this website once adorned and decorated the walls, counters or shelves of a real public house in Ireland.

A certificate of authenticity accompanies all such items and often includes the name and location of the pub the item originated from. It might just be from the town or village that a distant relative left from hundreds of years ago to start a new life overseas.