Large Dublin Gold Irish Whiskey Advert


Fantastic ,imposing Dublin Gold Matured for Seven Years Irish Whiskey Advert in magnificent, gold frame

60 cm x 95cm  Dublin

“A whiskey is the creation of something harmonious, balanced and fundamentally social… It brings together the mastery of the distilling process with the mystery of its humble ingredients.
It is this indefinable nature that makes a Premium Whiskey far more than the sum of its parts.”

The Jameson Masters


In order to be called an “Irish Whiskey”, distilled spirit must be;

  • –  aged in wood barrels for a minimum of 3 years.
  • –  a minimum of 40% ABV.
  • –  distilled and matured on the island of Ireland.There are several types of Irish Whiskey including;

    Pot still Irish Whiskey

    Pot still whiskey is whiskey made from a combination of malted barley and unmalted barley and is distilled in traditional copper pot stills. Pot Still Irish Whiskeys are characterised by full bodied flavours and a wonderful creamy mouth feel.

    Blended Irish Whiskey

    A blended whiskey is a combination of 2 or more styles of whiskey (grain, pot still or malt whiskey).

    Grain Irish Whiskey

    Grain whiskey is typically produced from a mash of maize and malted barley. Grain whiskey is lighter in character than pot still whiskey and generally the characteristics display delicate, fragrant and floral notes.

    Malt Irish WhIskey

    A single malt whiskey is made exclusively from malted barley and is distilled using a pot still.


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