Thomas Power Dungarvan- St Brigids Well Brewery -Guinness Bottle


Brilliant photo of an old & unique 1/2 pint Bottles Guinness as supplied by Thomas Power’s of Dungarvan.

35cm x 30cm   Dungarvan Co Waterford

Thomas Power (1856-1930) was the first chairman of Waterford County Council and was chairman of Dungarvan Town Commissioners on a number of occasions.  In the 1880s he was in partnership with his brother producing mineral waters.  In 1904 he began producing his award winning Blackwater Cider.

In 1917 Thomas purchased the old St Brigid’s Well Brewery in Fair Lane, Dungarvan from the Marquis of Waterford.  The business was a great success and its produce was in demand all over County Waterford and beyond.  After his death the brewery was taken over by his son Paul I. Power who managed it until 1976 when his son Ion took over.

Brewing took place in Dungarvan throughout history but we only have detailed information from the late 18th century onwards. The St Brigid’s Well Brewery was owned by the Marquis of Waterford and was run in the 19th century by the Dower family, it was later managed directly by the Marquis of Waterford. In 1917 the Marquis sold the property and it was acquired by Thomas Power. He developed a thriving business known as Power’s Brewery. This brewing tradition continues into the modern era with the Dungarvan Brewing Company.


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 55 × 60 × 8 cm
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