Vintage Archibald Walker Limerick Whisky Advertisement


46cm x 59cm

This advertising print is also as rare as a white rhino.Namely because one of Limerick City’s only ever distillery’s was Archibald Walkers located at Thomondgate on the banks of the River Shannon and it sadly closed in 1905.Originally owned by the Steins,who was we know were related to the Jamesons of Bow Street through marriage ,they sold the business to a Archibald Walker in 1879.Walker already owned the Vauxhall distillery in Liverpool and the Adelphi in Glasgow,making him the only distiller to ever simultaneously own a distillery in Scotland,England and Ireland.Walkers employed 70 men and produced 300,000 gallons of whiskey, which was much smaller than most of its competitors .The distillery did have a small local trade but most of the whiskey appears to have been exported to England.Business was badly affected by the economic downturn in 1900-1902 and was sold to Scottish Distillers Co,who within three years had closed down all of Archibalds Walkers three distilleries.Little or nothing of the distillery building remains today and bottles bearing the Limerick Whiskey label seem to have totally disappeared save a few mirrors and prints in a few old  Limerick pubs – hence the absolute rarity value of this beautiful piece  as it is well in excess of 115 years old.Please email us directly about this rare gem.



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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 85 × 10 cm
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