Magnificent DWD Whiskey Mirror

Magnificent and extremely rare Dublin DWD Whiskey Mirror.These particular mirrors are amongst the most sought after on the market and this very special mirror was acquired after years of negotiations !Beautifully presented with its original antique oak frame ,this is a stand alone piece for any Irish pub both at home or abroad.The original DWD or Dublin Whiskey company, founded in 1872, was one of the six great Irish Whiskey distilleries in Dublin in the 19th century, located on the north side of the city at Jones’s Road until its sad closure in 1945.Its founder John Brannick built the brand into a significant and profitable enterprise with substantial maturing stocks and distilling assets.Its premature demise was described as one of the greatest scandals that ever happened Irish commercial life.DWD was broken up and its assets sold between 1941 and 1946,creating lasting controversy under which the government of Ireland allowed the closure and liquidation to happen.Happily the brand has recently been resurrected under the new patronage of the Dublin Whiskey Distillery Company Ltd and its CEO Lorcan Rossi.Please email us directly to discuss this wonderful mirror.

Origins : Dublin

Dimensions : 58cm x 70cm  10kg







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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 58 × 70 cm