Original Irish Pub/Grocery Framed Displays(Large)


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Displays come in 3 approx sizes ,mounted in antique frames

During a recent attic clearance we at the Irish Pub Emporium came across a treasure trove of 1940s Ephemera.We were delighted to unearth original letters,billheads,receipt books,invoices  from John Courtney-General Grocer,Publican & Tea,Wine & Spirit Merchant of Stradbally,Castlegregory Co Kerry.These perfectly preserved records are a fascinating historical vignette of what rural and business life was like during World War II

While the Irish Free State remained neutral throughout the war, rationing and austerity measures existed like everywhere else in Europe and these uniquely arranged collages are each unique.Displays come in 3 sizes – small (approx 45cm x 35cm),Medium (approx 60cm x 50cm) and Large (approx 80cm x 60cm).Order soon before they are inevitably sold out !We guarantee you will not be disappointed with your absolutely once off piece of Irish memorabilia.


Background :In olden times the traditional Irish country pub also often functioned as a grocery,sweetshop,veterinary chemist,hardware store and haberdashery where  patrons could partake in a soothing drink after shopping alongside displays of chocolate bars, tins of canned fruit, reels of hay bailer twine, and tubs of sheep dip.Sadly grocery bars are now few and far between but the ones that survive are a throwback to an old and innocent way of life.Dingle in Co Kerry is home to many of the best surviving examples of the pub-grocer.In the famous Currans on Main Street ,the pub always doubled as a general merchant.They sold everything and supplied the townspeople and farmers who would pile into the town on Fairday.The old ledgers still in existence are stuffed with billheads from all types of suppliers- everything was sold -ropes.twines,seeds,ales,buckets,hams,jams,fishing nets,flowers,ladies rubber heels and tights, cloth caps, shirts,boots- the list is endless.

Origins : Stradbally Castlegregory Co Kerry

Dimensions :Large Display (Framed but unglazed) 80cm x 60cm approx

10 in stock


Courtneys of Stradbally Castlegregory Co Kerry in a happier era.This traditional Irish Pub/grocers on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula is now sadly closed but thankfully we have recovered some of its fascinating records which accurately portray day to day life in 1940s Ireland.A colour copy of the above photograph is included with all displays.

Boarding school fees for Master Michael Courtney from the renowned Rockwell College in Cashel Co Tipperary

50 gallons of petrol in 1940 cost £5 8 shillings and 4 pence as supplied by Kerry Motor works in Tralee (Main Ford Dealers)

Kellihers of Tralee provided fine salt from the Stoke Salt Works in England -the largest in Europe at the time.

The Kerryman Newspaper is still in print-this invoice is for supply of tea bags as they also operated a printers operation .

Candles from Dublin-2 cases costing £3 16-

George Paynes had their offices at Tower Bridge in London and supplied Tea,Coffee and Cocoa.This letter in April 1940 explains that “they could send 300lbs of tea which will exhaust Courtneys quota until the end of May”

Supply of canned and tinned hams, corned beef, brawn,chicken and tongue from Clover Meats Waterford.

The renowned Gilbeys sent a letter from O’Connell St Dublin with enclosed statement of account.Gilbeys started out as a gin distillery and evolved into the largest wine and spirits company in the UK.After various mergers, it is now the spirits division of Diageo PLC.

Brown Bros Ltd in Dublin supplied chuck springs in 1940

Henry Bells were makers of veterinary products,animal cures, sheep dips and disinfectants.A hand written note on the left side said “The Bar markers are made in Germany and so we cannot repeat order at present ” For obvious reasons !

Wm Clarkes supplied Tobacco-Walnut 1/8,Nugget Spl 1/8 and Perfect !/8.They added Perfect 16s have been discontinued.

This was Courtneys own invoice for carhire on 19th May 1942.It appears they were the local Hertz of the day !

This letter from 1943-4 years into the War says “The longer the emergency lasts ,the more vital becomes the necessity of available cash resources ,so as to to enable us to keep up supplies for our friends”.Very diplomatically put !

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Dimensions 80 × 60 cm