Original W.D & H.O Wills Bristol & Dublin “Trumps” Cigarette Showcard Advert


Original and classic  Gold Flake are Trumps Show Card advert.

58cm x 44cm  Bray Co Wicklow

Starting off as a cigarette with a heritage, Gold Flake was produced by the Bristol and Dublin factories  of W.D. & H.O. Wills, from 1901 as part of Imperial Tobacco. “Gold flake” refers to cigarettes made using bright rich golden tobacco. After 1912, the biggest change in the brand was in 1971 with the introduction of Gold Flake Kings, followed up with the launch of Gold Flake Kings Lights in 1999

The initial ads positioned the cigarette as a companion.  It was meant to be a cigarette for the elite and the rich –  It did not differentiate itself specifically from other brands. Advertising emphasized this comparison to gold. The statement “For the gracious people” summed the core of the brand.

After the introduction of lights as a category, the brand introduced the positioning of Honeydew Smooth – giving the brand a recognizable differentiator, this positioning was backed by the dew drop symbol. With smoothness being the biggest claim the brand used symbols like the silk scarf, feather, paint brush, violin, marble vase, hour glass, and shell as visuals to reiterate and associate back with smoothness.

After this, the brand reinvented its image and positioning with a new campaign that moved away from the well-established Honeydew campaign. This was the Go smooth campaign. The campaign was successful in connecting to the Gold Flake consumer and retaining the long-standing loyalty.Many poster advertisements have been made for Gold Flake cigarettes,including the Gold Flake are Trumps as seen here.In the early 1900s, two characters by the names of “Mr Gold” and “Mr Flake” were introduced to promote the Gold Flake brand in the United Kingdom. The characters were used for about 30 years and were popular, but it did not help the sales of the brand and Gold Flake was discontinued for a short period of time.From a marketing perspective ,Gold flake  still differentiated itself on the purity and quality of its experience. The brand stood for a celebratory attitude. 



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